Social Media in the Workplace

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Social Media in the Workplace


Social Media in the Workplace Workshop

Social media is a staple of modern life. It is so enmeshed in the way that we communicate that companies have little choice but to engage social media as part of their marketing strategy. Before implementing any social media strategies, you should take the time to understand the benefits as well as the risks of using different social media platforms to reach current and potential customers.

Social Media in the Workplace 

We are being flooded with Social Media invitations and updates. Web-based communication icons like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn are dominating the way we interact with each other. People are feeling the need to be updated at all times. It has become a time eater, and businesses are quickly becoming aware of the drain it can have on productivity. People love to share, but they need to know what is alright to share and what should not be sent out.

Understanding Social Media in the Workplace is about communicating the right way. We are beginning to communicate more through electronic means than face to face. Talking on a phone has been replaced more and more with SMS (texting.) These channels are becoming the main form of communication and you will realize how these channels and the workplace can function together.

Social Media

Online Communities

An online community is commonly a website or online forum where a group of people come together to share a common interest or ideas. They often include some form of membership, such as a fee or username. In an online community, members have a chance to share interests, such as stories or photos and allow other people to comment or share their opinions. It also allows them to share comments about anything they choose to share. Since members normally need a username or screen name, all activity is usually tracked and monitored.

Common types of online communities:

  • Blogs
  • Chat rooms
  • Online photo galleries
  • Social networks, such as Twitter or Facebook

Course Objectives:

  • Learn the meaning of social media
  • Learn different ways it is used and altered
  • Build and maintain a social media policy
  • Keeping your social media secure
  • Establishing rules for the social media the company posts
  • Discover the benefits and pitfalls of using social media


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