Rewards Points

Rewards pointsEarn Rewards Points and save on your courses

Each purchase of a course give you 200 points to be used on future courses purchases plus points per dollar spent.

Points are awarded upon successful purchase of a course.

View your points on My Account

You can view ways to gain points,  your referral link, and Point Log for your points history.

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Ways to earn Rewards Points.

  • Register on our site, get 200 points.
  • Get 200 points per course ordered.
  • 200 Points for Referrals who sign up and complete a purchase.
  • Get 1 point for each $1.00 paid at checkout, net sale after points and discounts (taxes excluded)
  • Save $1 for each 10 points redeemed on your purchase

Use the referral link in “My Account/Points” to share sign up and get extra points.

Referral Link

What is a referral link?

The referral link is is a unique identifier assigned to you. When someone accesses our site using your link, your are credited with being the referrer. If they sign up (register) and complete a purchase on the site through the link you gave them, you will receive 200 Rewards Points.

How to Use Referral Link

Login in and Select Points on My Account page.

Scroll down to Referral Link.

Use the share buttons to share on social media, or copy and paste into a message.

When recipient signs up and makes a purchase through your link, you will receive 200 referral points..



  • 1 point for each $1.00 spent” applies to actual amount paid for courses after all discounts and rewards points are applied.(Taxes excluded)
  • Save $1 for each 10 points redeemed on your purchase
  • Any or all points earned may be applied to future purchases.
  • We reserve the right to amend or terminate this offer at any time..

Redeem Points

Points may be redeemed at time of purchase up to value of purchase.(Previously earned points only)

10 Points =  $1 (These points have no cash or surrender value and can only be applied to purchases from Human Skills Development )

Example 1: no points redeemed

  • Order 1 course     $199
  • Points:  200 points for course order
  • points for sale amount:  199
  • Total points awarded:  399

Example 2: Points redeemed

  • Order 2 courses     $199 x 2 + $398
  • Points:  400 points for courses order
  • Points redeemed from previous order: 399
  • Credit for points redeemed: $39.90 (10 points = $1)
  • Net sale: $398-$39.90 = $358.10
  • Points for sale amount: 358
  • Total points awarded:  758

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