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  • Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS)

    Access 2016 Essentials

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    Access 2016 Essentials

    Course Objectives:

    • Create and modify databases
    • Manage relationships and keys
    • Navigate through a database
    • Protect and maintain databases
    • Print and export data
    • Create and manage tables
    • Manage records in tables
    • Create and modify fields
    • Create a query
    • Modify a query
    • Create calculated fields and grouping within queries
  • Workplace Essentials (Corporate Package)

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    Workplace soft skills are essential for individuals to succeed in their careers. These courses provide training for key workplace soft skills essentials.

    Developing and continuously improving these workplace soft skills can contribute to an individual’s professional growth, help them succeed in their career, and create a positive work environment.

    Detailed descriptions for each course are available here.

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  • Workplace Essentials

    Risk Assessment and Management

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    Risk Assessment and Management

    Course Objectives:

    • Identify hazards and risks
    • Update control measures
    • Grasp the fundamentals of accident reports
    • Identify risk management techniques
    • Outline a disaster recovery plan
    • Communicate to the organization
  • Workplace Essentials

    Appreciative Inquiry

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    Appreciative Inquiry

    Organizations can be thought of as living beings made up of the individuals working within it. Appreciative Inquiry has the ability to change the whole organization by changing the people. Through positive questioning, people will be directed to move in a positive direction. Recognizing the strengths and values of what works, as opposed to what’s wrong, will transform the individuals and thus transform the organization.

    Appreciative Inquiry is a shift from looking at problems and deficiencies and instead, focusing on strengths and successes. It is a tool for organizational change and it will strengthen relationships. Who doesn’t like to share good positive stories and events? Think about it.


Why Human Skills e-Learning?

E-learning has become an integral part of all professional development programming.

Human Skills Development e-learning is flexible, cost-effective, and delivers what managers and staff need.

Who we are and what we do, Human Skills Development, .

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