Creating a Great Webinar

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Creating a Great Webinar


Webinars are a great inexpensive way to reach a large number of people. Webinars are great tools if you want to market a new or improved product, train employees, demonstrate a new task, or have a meeting with employees located throughout the globe. Being an interactive form of media, Webinars provide a great environment for these activities and so much more.

Creating a Great Webinar

Webinars are staples of modern business. Anyone can easily create a webinar, and when they are done well, they can promote your brand and increase your customer base. Webinars that are not done well can actually have an adverse effect on your company and potentially decrease your customer base and taint your reputation. By following the advice in the course, you will have a clearer understanding of the steps necessary to create a successful webinar.

Creating Great Webinar

What Can a Webinar Do?

Employing webinars as a promotional tool, can improve your customer base and provide the opportunity to share information about your company.

Webinars are useful tools that anyone who has content or product to share, can benefit from. Webinars incorporate teaching methods and marketing. These online seminars provide the perfect opportunity to connect with people across the globe.

Marketing to Prospective Customers

Savvy business people understand that webinars provide the perfect opportunity to market to prospective customers. Webinars are useful tools that will help generate leads to sell your products and/or services. Webinars are used as marketing tools in several ways:

  • They help you connect with people to generate feedback
  • They offer the opportunity to demonstrate expertise
  • They engage prospects without being overbearing
  • They provide a venue to announce new products or services

Always remember to take advantage of these marketing opportunities when using webinars.

Creating a Great Webinar is all about providing a great interaction between the presenter and the audience. You will develop the skills needed to promote, host, or facilitate a great Webinar for your company. Sharing your passion and knowledge with a Webinar is the best way to reach many with the power of one.

Course Objectives:

  • Define webinars and their purpose
  • Choose the best formats
  • Prepare for webinars
  • Avoid common mistakes
  • Understand how to interact with the target audience
  • Follow up successfully


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