Effective Delivery – The 1/3 Rule

Many professional public speakers may have a different take on how these three parts;  sounds, body language, and words, work together in creating an effective presentation. In this course we consider them to be of equal importance.

Any one of these parts done poorly will make the presentation less effective. They must work in tandem to present an overall excellent presentation.

  • Speech Impact is effective delivery in equal parts:
    •  1/3  from sounds – pauses, inflection, emphasis, and clarity of speech.
    •  1/3 through your body language.
    •  1/3 from the words that you choose for the effective communications of your ideas.
  • You must pay particular attention to how you:
    • gesture, stand, and move.
    • may have  annoying or distracting physical mannerisms.
    • sound

Over 33% of messages within your speech will  FAIL or SUCCEED based on the how you speak:

  • Based on the nature of the sounds that you make.
  • Content is very important– however, you must present your information in an interesting, believable, dynamic manner.
  • You must have control over your voice and your body language.