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Sensitivity Training

Sensitivity training or diversity training; there are many names for the same goal:  creating a more inclusive workplace that capitalizes on the differences in everyone.  There are many different areas of focus in sensitivity training, all focusing on empathy, respect for others and cooperation towards a common goal.  This type of training creates more positive and inclusive employees, a more profitable work culture and a more positive work life for all.

There are many areas a sensitivity training must address, that are regulated by federal and state laws.  ADA Diversity laws and enforcing guidelines must be followed by all businesses.  Severe penalties are in place for those who don’t follow them. Some of these areas include:

  • Race
  • Gender identification
  • Religion
  • Age
  • Disability

Workshop Objectives:

  • Define sensitivity training and its usefulness and necessity in the workplace.
  • Identify the benefits for self and the company, in pursuing a sensitivity objective.
  • Successfully raise awareness of others.
  • Identify different types of stereotypes, their delivery and effects.
  • Discuss Human Resources and its best practices to dealing with issues associated with stereotypes.
  • Define the steps to handling complaints associated with sensitive issues and stereotypes.
  • Describe the pros and cons of being “sensitive”.
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